Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Content ERD

You have probably come out empty-handed when scouring the documentation for the Content ERD (Entity–relationship model) of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud.

Sure, you find many diagrams on the entity model of with a quick Google! But not so for SFCC. That is why I started to create my own, and share them with you!

The third on the list: Content! Probably one of the smallest diagrams in the set!

Additional explanation of the Content ERD

Content vs Page

It is essential to understand that there are two systems in place to handle content in Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud:

Both operate in different ways and have a significant differences in features. So be sure to check out the documentation if you are unfamiliar with them.


Even though “Attribute” is not a separate entity within Page Designer entities, I decided to add it as a separate one to show which entities supported “custom attributes.”

More to follow?

There are still quite a few entities within Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud, each in charge of an essential role within the entire flow.

Next up are promotions and campaigns, so keep an eye out for this blog! 


Don’t you love being human? We get to make mistakes and call it part of the experience. Please don’t be shy if you spot something that needs fixing in this Content ERD. Let me know!

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