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Connecting the Clouds: Wedding or funeral

Connecting different clouds, in this case: B2C Commerce Cloud, CRM, and Marketing Cloud, to work together in harmony can be a challenge. Theoretical guidelines and base solutions are provided by Salesforce to get you started, but are these sufficient to connect the clouds? In this session, we will find out!

Over the past five years, we have done multiple “multi-cloud” projects and have run into those challenges head-on (Security, GDPR, Robustness, …). In this presentation, we will share lessons learned, things to be mindful of, and different use-cases for connecting the clouds (e.g., to Mulesoft or others)—going from green-field implementation to connecting live silo systems comes with its challenges.

Experience in multi-cloud or not! It doesn’t matter: this presentation will have something to occupy your grey matter for a couple of days at least! At the end of the session, you will know what starting points are available, what to keep in mind and which pitfalls you will face on a multi-cloud project.