Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Customer ERD

Have you gone on a wild goose chase searching for entity model diagrams of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud and come up with nothing? Fear not, as your luck has just changed. While finding diagrams for the entity model of is as easy as pie, finding the same for SFCC is a different story.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to create and share my own with the world!

The first one on the list: the Account/Profile!

Some additional explanation


I’ve highlighted the session as the “starting point” of the diagram with green, but keep in mind that a session depends on a customer, not vice versa.

For instance, you can retrieve profiles outside a storefront session, e.g. in a standalone job.

Customer Groups

For those familiar with Customer Groups, you’ll know that the system already has pre-defined groups (Everyone, Registered, Unregistered). But why is the relationship marked as “0..n”?

It’s because, technically, that list could be empty if the default groups aren’t present.

Order, Product, and ProductOptionModel

I marked complex entities in yellow to keep the diagram easy to understand, indicating they have multiple links to other entities not depicted in the chart.

The diagrams for those sections will follow in the coming weeks.


The CustomerCDPData object only applies to your project if you have purchased CDP (Customer Data Platform). If you haven’t, it will contain empty properties.

More to follow?

Stay tuned! The next ERD on deck is catalog/product, so keep an eye out for this blog.


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