Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud November 2022 Updates

It is a slow period in B2C Commerce Cloud update land as no significant releases happen during the holiday period. But updates still occur in other places!

In this article, I consolidate all the updates I have found across the different areas encompassing Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud.

SFRA v6.3.0

maintenance release has happened with no more than updated dependencies. So nothing too exciting to mention here!

This usually means plugin cartridges (such as wishlist) have received updates, and the SFRA version has been “upped” to match.

In this case, it was a major update to plugin_slas.

PWA Kit v2.3.0

As expected, another big update hit the PWA Kit with quite an extensive changelog. The “spotlight” change is the added React Query support for the server side.

Some other noteworthy changes (besides bugfixes):

An upgrade guide is available if you are already working with the PWA Kit and need to update to this version.


Even though there are no “big releases”, bugfix releases still happen in this period.

Account Manager

The Account Manager got some love again at the end of October (after my last release notes post).

  • Security Fixes
  • Bug Fixes
  • Usability Improvements to the API Client List Page
  • Updated API Client List Page
    With the addition of two new columns and filters, the Account Manager API Client List page is now easier to use.

Updated Cartridges & Tools

Adyen (v22.2.1)

Adyen provides a LINK cartridge to integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC). This cartridge enables a SFCC storefront to use the Adyen payment service. This cartridge supports SFRA version 5.x.x & 6.x.x and SiteGenesis JS-Controllers version 103.1.11 and higher.

  • Support for the new India live environment. Use this environment with the corresponding India location-based live endpoint.
  • A custom Business Manager configuration page.
  • New supported payment method: UPI.

  • The cartridge now uses Web Components v5.28.0 and Checkout API v69.
  • You can now persist gift card information in the payment form after the shopper has filled in the gift card information.

Mollie (v22.3.0)

This is the integration cartridge for Mollie

  • Fixed some ApplePaySession errors in non-safari browsers
  • Fixed order locking issue. Only update supported hook order status via hook, handle the rest of the statuses on redirect.

plugin_slas (v6.3.0)

The plugin_slas cartridge extends authentication for guest users and registered shoppers using the Shopper Login and API Access Service (SLAS).

  • fix cart merge error due to session bridge failing when client IP header name is not set by @sandragolden in #53
  • issue #41 : restore session custom attributes after session bridge by @sandragolden in #54
  • Add support for ECOM 18.10 by @vcua-mobify in #59
  • Document allow listing POD IP address by @johnboxall in #63
  • Fix SLAS Logout issue by @shethj in #64
  • Run login flows only if request method is ‘GET’ by @shethj in #69
  • Fix refresh_token value undefined in browser cookies by @shethj in #70
  • Fix merge basket call returns 409 Conflict error if guest user has no basket by @shethj in #66
  • Release/v6.3.0 by @shethj in #71
  • Enforce prettier in CI by @johnboxall in #67


b2c-tools (v0.13.3)

b2c-tools is a CLI tool and library for data migrations, import/export, scripting and other tasks with SFCC B2C instances. It is intended to be complimentary to other tools such as sfcc-ci for development and CI/CD scenarios.

The changelog is visible here.


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