Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Basket & Order ERD

When scouring the documentation for diagrams on the entity model of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud, you have probably come out empty-handed.

Sure, you find many diagrams on the entity model of with a quick Google! But not so for SFCC, so I started to create my own and share them with you!

The fifth and final on the list: The Basket & Order ERD! It is probably the most complex of the bunch because of the number of entities and how they interconnect.

Additional explanation of the Basket & Order ERD

Post-processing APIs

Before the Salesforce OMS (Order Management), there was a feature called “the Gillian package” within SFCC. This has now been deprecated and is inactive by default.

Chances are slim (to non-existing) that you can get these activated by going to support. For customers where this is already active, they remain there. Though I have no experience with them, I am unsure what the “plan” is for customers who had/have this active.

Why did I keep them in there? Because technically, they are still part of the object model, and some may still use them. I did, however, separate them from the rest.

Some "functions" missing

I have tried to include as many functions as possible within this diagram, but with the complexity of the basket and order model, it is not easy to balance layout and readability.

For this reason, I have decided only to include the most “important” ones (but not to worry, 90% of what exists is in this diagram).

What's that with the product, catalog, and price book?

To keep the complexity of this diagram down, I decided to forward you to the other ERD diagrams that I have made explicitly handling these entities.

If an entity is in yellow, it means another ERD contains all of the relationships with it in another blog post.

More to follow?

This is it, folks! All ERDs I have in my possession have now been released. I created an overview page right here.


Don’t you love being human? We get to make mistakes and call it part of the experience. Please don’t be shy if you spot something that needs fixing in this Basket and Order ERD. Let me know!

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