Should I get JavaScript Developer I certified?

JavaScript is integral to Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud development in both the back and front ends. And with the addition of the Composable Storefront, your knowledge of the basics will help you continue your path within the B2C ecosystem as a developer.

But no actual certification for SFCC that tests your knowledge of JavaScript. Or is there?

Maybe the title was a bit of a giveaway 😅.

Why should you get it?

Knowledge of vanilla JavaScript is essential. There are a lot of free courses for React, Angular, and Vue available, and you will be able to get your first JavaScript-based application/site up and running in no time.

But if this is how you learned JavaScript, there are many “basics” that you might not be aware of. And knowing those basics is what lets you understand why things React (pun intended) the way they do in these libraries.

The JavaScript Developer I exam will test you on that “vanilla” knowledge. And even if you already actively use it, you might learn something new along the way.

Broaden your "JavaScript" horizons

superbadge prerequisites

You must be prepared to dig into the Salesforce platform when interested in this certification.

It wasn’t explicitly designed for Salesforce B2C Commerce developers, but for Lightning Web Component developers on the platform.

And you can’t get it by just doing the certification exam on Webassessor. You also need to complete a Superbadge, which does not have a strict timeline.

Superbadges are domain-based credentials that allow you to apply your Salesforce skills in a specific area (think: process automation or app customization) to hands-on, real-world business problems

No Salesforce CRM experience?

A group of Salesforce Mascots at a Salesforce event. Are they JavaScript Certified, I wonder?

No worries, It’s not rocket science! You will spend some time getting this Superbadge, but see it as a way to discover other opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Looking at what has happened for the past years, it is clear that some knowledge of other Salesforce products will get you a long way. More and more “tight” integrations are working their way into the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud world.

Look at the Salesforce OMS (Order Management System), which has a productised connection. It is also why OCI (Omnichannel Inventory) has made its way into SFCC, being part of the license. More and more projects are also integrating with Service and Sales Cloud (though not through a productised connection).

Some preparation materials

Since the certification is about vanilla JavaScript, there is a lot of content to get you on your way. But, there is also content available specifically for those who want this certificate on their belt.


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