20 years of Dreamforce

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Salesforce is celebrating 20 years of Dreamforce, which is quite a track record! As with all Salesforce events, it is the opportune moment to meet people, learn and have fun!

But how does Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud fare in this large event, and what content is available? Let’s have a look!

Let us meet up!

dreamforce cosy
Ok... don't be on your cellphone the entire time!

It won’t be a Salesforce event if you don’t meet with other people you have been “slacking” with for the past years. 

There is already a channel on the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Unofficial Slack to connect!

Click here to join if you are new or here if you already have an account.

I will be there this year! It will be my first Dreamforce, and coincidently, it is my birthday on the 21st of September! Even though there is no “official” meetup on the schedule, it doesn’t mean we can’t get together!

Be sure to also leave a message in the Commerce Trailblazers group to make it  ✨extra special✨! 

Commerce Lodge

The Commerce Cloud Lodge is a dedicated zone where Trailblazers and commerce experts across industries will come together to learn, connect, and celebrate in a creative space. Be sure to look at the map to locate it. 

Curated roundtables, workshops, and demos will be held here to light the spark of inspiration and show how Commerce Cloud can help make every transaction more profitable.

The Commerce Cloud Lodge will be a ‘can’t-be-missed’ destination for the community. There will be a dedicated space within the Lodge for Trailblazers to meet, mingle, and even get some work done a few hours each day! Seats are limited to 16 people, but I am sure we can find ways to make it work! (I am hoping we can have a large gathering!)

Trailhead Quest

Want to learn more about Dreamforce and how to connect with your peers? And even win some fun prizes* while you are at it?

Do the “Road to Dreamforce 2022” quest!

Can't attend?

The keynotes can be viewed through Salesforce+ for free!

Building your agenda​

writing agenda

There are about 1200 sessions over three days at Dreamforce. Building a schedule will not be an easy task! And be sure your predefined schedule will be thrown in the trash when the day arrives. 

You will bump into people unexpectedly and change your pace and goals for the day on the spot! And there is nothing wrong with that.

This event should be a balance of learning, networking, and fun!

Salesforce provides a handy tool to build your schedule on the Dreamforce website.

Sessions that stand out

I created a schedule in previous editions of this event post (TrailblazerDX and Connections). This time I will list the sessions that stand out or have exciting speakers! You will probably notice that I made sure to make the people active in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud community (Salesforce employees included) stand out a “little bit 😝.”

For now, session length and time are not known yet. I will update the article once this information is made public.

Next-Gen Commerce: Maximize Profit Your Way

Join the main event for commerce pros and learn how to maximize profit, cut costs, and build a Customer 360 your way with flexible tools, automation, and the Customer Data Platform.

The main keynote of Salesforce Commerce Cloud! No reason not to miss the main event and learn what is in store for the commerce landscape in Salesforce.

5 Best Practices for a Frictionless Checkout

Get insider insights from a team of payments experts as we share the best practices for creating payment experiences that are seamless and frictionless.

Getting UX advice and learning how to improve your checkout experience is always a topic of interest!

6 Steps to a Successful Headless Commerce Implementation

Implementing a headless architecture is no small feat. This session for business leaders outlines 6 key steps to headless transformation success — bringing people, technology, and processes together.

Given the more prominent focus on allowing customers to go Headless on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud products, getting some tips and tricks are always helpful!

Architect’s Guide to Building a Cross-Cloud Career

community speaker

Breaking into a cross-cloud solution architect role can be a big challenge. Learn three steps to build valuable cross-cloud skills and increase your value as an architect.

For me, an exciting session as I have been focussing on connecting multiple clouds within the Salesforce ecosystem. And I am pretty sure I am not alone on this!

And it is being presented by Mike King!

B2C Commerce Product Roadmap

Learn first-hand how upcoming B2C commerce features deliver on exceptional holiday performance, composable storefronts for headless, TikTok and SnapChat integrations, and more.

Getting insights into the roadmap for the upcoming holiday season and social commerce is something to keep your eye on!

Who knows, I might be wearing a new fitting shirt design.

Architect’s Review of Cross-Cloud Customer Data Modeling

community speaker

A well-designed cross-cloud customer data model is the foundation of successful architecture. Learn to model data across the Salesforce ecosystem and design best practice solutions.

Same as the previous session of Mike King. I am quite a large fan of sharing knowledge about cross-cloud architecture!

Especially when working with customer data, a well-architected foundation is a requirement!

Headless Unpacked: How Retailers Build API-Led Experiences

The future of commerce is headless. Delve into the story of how VF Corp used MuleSoft APIs and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to achieve headless commerce.

Whether or not you agree that Headless is the future, catching all the sessions related to this session is an excellent idea to keep yourself up to date on this topic!

Headless, API-first, composable, etc., have many approaches. And hearing other people’s visions on these topics is always interesting.

How to Boost Ecommerce Sales with Commerce for Social

community speaker

Shopping at the edge is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years. Learn how to improve product discoverability and boost sales on today’s leading social channels using Commerce Cloud.

Next to headless, social commerce has gotten a lot more attention. If you are also active in the SCAPI/SLAS space in the Unofficial Slack community/webinars, you will recognize Bhagath!

Increase Conversions and Agility with Headless Commerce

Learn how you can build fast, flexible, digital experiences with headless commerce. Hear how brands can accelerate ROI and unlock organizational agility with a trusted Composable Storefront.

Another session on headless. My gut feeling is that this presentation is about rebranding the PWA Kit to “Composable Storefront.”

Serving Friction-Free Food Shopping Experiences

The shopping paradigm has changed. Learn how food retailers are removing friction from the purchasing process and delivering meaningful connected experiences for shoppers like never before.

Learning about the particular use cases, you can run into as a food retailer is an excellent session to attend!

Winter '23 Release Readiness Live: Commerce Cloud

Release Readiness Live is here at Dreamforce! Join our product managers to learn about exciting new developments across B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, Order Management, and Salesforce Payments.

Another session about the roadmap, but always good to have a peak to learn what is coming in the Salesforce Commerce space!

Commerce Cloud Developer Experience

community speaker

Learn about the latest tools, SDKs, and features for building amazing user experiences powered by Commerce Cloud.

A look at developer experience! Probably the only session I have come across dedicated to developers, so a must-attend if you are one!

And many more...

And the list goes on. Before this article becomes too large, I will end the list here!

Like mentioned before, there are over a 1000 sessions, so choices will have to be made!

Party Time

dreamforce red hot chili peppers

It wouldn’t be a Salesforce event if there weren’t a big party! Dreamforce is no different; a fantastic night of entertainment has been planned.

20 years of Salesforce Dreamforce

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