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Salesforce is known for hosting spectacular events all over the world. But did you know the community organizes some amazing ones as well? Maybe you don’t if you are a Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud enthusiast, but why is that? Let us dig deeper into some of the events that caught my eye!

Some of the events

If you have been following me, you will have noticed that I recently visited this one and also had the privilege of presenting two sessions!

A relatively “new” event, as the first one was in 2019, and 2020, didn’t happen for obvious reasons. The year is now 2022, and the second edition occurred in person, and I can testify that it was a blast!

The biggest community-led event in Europe, and I’m not kidding. Going strong since 2016, it had its 7th edition in 2022!

Not surprisingly, this event is held in London, attracting many visitors from Europe and beyond.

This one is on my wishlist for 2023!

Another one from Europe, this time – you guessed it – in the Czech Republic! It calls itself a technical conference, but there are a few sessions that are not as technical as most of them.

CzechDreamin is, just like YeurDreamin, relatively new as it started in 2019. It just had its third edition (one was virtual in 2021).

I will keep those European events coming, cause you guessed it – I am from Europe! This time we are going to France.

2016 was an excellent vintage for the community as this one also had its very first edition then!

Let us finally switch continents, shall we? We are heading to Arizona for a community event focused on developers and architects who want “More code. Less fluff.” So expect some technical deep dives at this conference!

Even if you cannot attend in person, it is a hybrid event that will allow people to join in on the fun remotely!

Are they switching continents again? Really? Off course! The Salesforce Community is a global community; why are you acting so surprised I am switching continents again?

Having its first edition in 2019, it is now on again in 2022 for its second! Another excellent opportunity to meet people from around the globe!

Olé, off to Spain we go and back to Europe 😛! So many countries with so many people willing to share their knowledge about Salesforce!

Starting in 2017, this event has, like so many others, seen a break in 2020 and 2021. But this year, it was back, and hopefully again in 2023!

And more...

The list doesn’t end here. There are a lot more out there!

Are they organized by the community?

Yes! These events are not organized in any way by Salesforce. Usually, Salesforce does offer support in terms of communication, speakers, and other elements such as SWAG.

This also means that these events have a completely different feel than those organized by Salesforce. Here experiences are openly shared between developers, architects, and other roles without the influence of Salesforce.

These events tend to be much more technical, offering an excellent opportunity to learn!

Not that this does not happen at the official Salesforce events, but there is always a “sales” vibe floating about when going to those events and the presentations themselves. (And there is nothing wrong with that).

Is there B2C Commerce Cloud content?

Well…no. There have been a few sessions here and there if you look at the events’ past occurrences (maybe one max per event). But is that so surprising looking at the history of SFCC?

Many of these events had their first occurrence just as the acquisition of Demandware happened. So agendas didn’t need Commerce Cloud content, and it is not like the SFCC community has pushed to get Commerce content on the schedule.

And that makes it hard to have a bit of room in an already jam-packed list of speakers wanting to spread the word of It is an extensive ecosystem within one platform, with many different features that require someone to explain them.

So is there room for some Commerce Cloud?

Speaking at events!

Yes, there is! I took a chance, submitted two topics to YeurDreamin’, and got selected. I will be honest; I put the Commerce Cloud topics in a sauce of multi-cloud to make it more appealing to the public within the eco-system.

But we need to start somewhere. 

To get Commerce Cloud content in these events, people must submit topics when the “Call for speakers” pops up!

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to share your expertise about Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud? Submit your topics to these events once the gates for the speakers are opened!

Hint:  Subscribe to the newsletters and follow the official Twitter channels to get notified when the “Call to speakers” is announced.

Open your mind

Will there be enough room to fill an entire day just about Commerce Cloud? No, of course not. I feel that the Commerce Cloud community should use this opportunity to learn about other products within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Especially since they are becoming more and more intertwined, and connections with these products in projects happen more often than a few years ago.

It is wonderful to connect with admins, developers, and architects who use these products daily, offering different perspectives.

A Commerce Cloud-focused community event?

Well, that doesn’t exist right now. Is that something that you would love to have or are interested in? Let me know in the comments!


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