How to get Salesforce certification vouchers

Earning a certification in Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud can be a valuable goal for those in the industry. However, it’s worth noting that certifications do come with a cost. If you’re interested in exploring options for discounts or free certifications, this article will provide an overview of what’s available.

Certifications vs Accreditations

Before we start, we need to distinguish between the types of certifications.

In 2021 a new type of “accreditation” made its way to partners and Salesforce employees: “Accredited Professional.” These certification types have a different flow and require different vouchers and discount codes.

Most of the items discussed below are only for regular certifications, not accreditations. We will be sure to mention this for each option if it applies or not.

Partner Vouchers

Depending on what “level” you are as a partner with Salesforce, you get vouchers that cover the total cost of the certification exam. 

So if you are working for a partner company, ask if some are available for your certification!

From what I gathered, getting vouchers for the Accredited Professional exams is also possible (at the very least with a discount).

Community Events

Participating in community events can potentially be a great way to earn certification vouchers. These events often offer prizes, including vouchers or discounts for certifications.

Since these events are for everyone, chances are low to non-existing that the vouchers are for Accredited Professional certifications.

Trailhead Certification Events

Keep an eye out in the Trailhead Community groups for one-time events that offer discounts and vouchers.

An example:

Partner Community Certification Events

In the Partner Community there are also some groups to keep an eye out for!

Some examples:

Certification Days

Every year there is something called “Certification Days,” a series of webinars organised by Salesforce to inform you about the different types of certification and some helpful tips to get you started.

After participating, you can get a 40$ discount, which doesn’t cover the entire thing. But every discount helps, right?

Trailhead Quests

Trailhead Quests is an official Salesforce Trailhead event, offering unique (or sometimes repeating) rewards for completing a Trailmix.

The rewards range from SWAG to Certification Vouchers, and there are new quests every month. So keep an eye out!

Salesforce Webinars

Attending webinars can be a great way to learn about the latest updates and developments of Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud. One thing to keep an eye out for is a slide presented near the end of the webinars.

Especially when a new accreditation or certificate is being introduced, this slide may offer valuable discounts or even a form to enter for a chance to win a free attempt at the exam.

Bringing it all together

Any more?

Know about other methods to get our hands on these tasty vouchers? Please let me know via Twitter or LinkedIn!

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